Animators React to Bad & Great CGi 2

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After getting tested for coronavirus (with negative results,) Niko and Clint sit down with with Veteran Animator and Director Alexander Snow of DreamWorks Animation, to break down some of the best and worst CGi animation in pop culture.
Follow Alex and his adventures in the world of animation ► snowmation
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TheMissingTexture Пре дан
You guys should react to Joel g's ena series
Adrien Ocasio
Adrien Ocasio Пре дан
Animators react to the Pokemon 25th anniversary Post Malone virtual tour
nahid hasan
nahid hasan Пре 2 дана
React on attack on titan s4 cause people are complaining about the cgi.
crlwgr Пре 2 дана
I'm kind of bored with the pixar formula
Éveena Пре 2 дана
Hey, could y'all react to an Indian animated movie? It's called Arjun the warrior prince. Would really like to know what y'all think
Eddie TheMan
Eddie TheMan Пре 3 дана
If you are watching.... Of course I'm watching your videos, because guys, you are fucking CGI professionals, how could I not watch..
gybyro Пре 4 дана
Please do anime next time
Cameron Andre
Cameron Andre Пре 4 дана
I learn so much watching this channel. By far my favourite ❤️
LazyBones Fragments
LazyBones Fragments Пре 5 дана
Should react to fate series's fight scenes
Mohammed Rizwan
Mohammed Rizwan Пре 5 дана
Have animators react to Samurai Jack episodes 'The Haunted House' 'The Blind Archers' and 'Samurai vs Ninja'
Chris Leo
Chris Leo Пре 6 дана
Would you be able to have an animator react to Tanjiro And Nezuko vs. Rui frrom demon slayer please
ghosted flame
ghosted flame Пре 6 дана
Looking forward to my self
ghosted flame
ghosted flame Пре 6 дана
Sweiner Пре 6 дана
For the next animator reacts do Klaus from Netflix
Sponge Пре 7 дана
Could you react to Avatar: The Last Airbender or the Legend of Korra in one animators react episode if you haven’t already?
Mohammed Rizwan
Mohammed Rizwan Пре 7 дана
I love how Alex Snow explained all these scenes. Really shows how much work goes into the emotion and character design while animating. Loved this episode.
Lucasa Пре 7 дана
yo, u guys should react to the clone wars animation
kryj9 Пре 7 дана
You guys should do a VFX react to Kung Fury.
Jorrit Woudsma
Jorrit Woudsma Пре 7 дана
Loooonger! This was way too short. 20 mins minimal
CandyCaneKnight Пре 7 дана
Truly great stuff.
mafeyibarra Пре 7 дана
You should react to Toy Story Toons! Pretty good for being shorts
Pedro Talons
Pedro Talons Пре 8 дана
Why is freddy mercury with a beard and talking about animation?..
André Richardson
André Richardson Пре 8 дана
Anyone else think that Doug Sweetland looks like bald Niko?
Lag Jesus
Lag Jesus Пре 8 дана
Seeing the last of us 2 in this video made me really wanna see you guys react to Devil may cry 5. The bombastic action seems perfect and I bet you guys would love it.
Jenna Todd
Jenna Todd Пре 8 дана
Can you review Shrek please?
VortexDestroyer99 Пре 9 дана
Pacific rim is a masterpiece change my mind. (Ok pacific rim 2 was meh. But the first was epic)
The Knife Professor
The Knife Professor Пре 9 дана
React to ready player one
Dorel Furtuna
Dorel Furtuna Пре 10 дана
can you guys do naruto fughting sceenes next
Arka Prasun Gupta
Arka Prasun Gupta Пре 10 дана
could you do a react to the fight scenes in the netflix castlevania
the diego cabro
the diego cabro Пре 12 дана
i heard that the original hard drives for foodfight 2003 were stolen and they had to do it all again
Mr.Águia Games
Mr.Águia Games Пре 13 дана
Dev Zeno
Dev Zeno Пре 14 дана
animators react to demon slayer
Mitten Ramos
Mitten Ramos Пре 14 дана
You have to react to Tales of Arcadia
Lauren Daley
Lauren Daley Пре 15 дана
Guys please react to "Titanic the animated movie...The legend goes on" its considered the worst animated movie of all time, and its worse than FoodFight!
ArrowSmith95 Пре 15 дана
Please watch the exigency
Xhan Пре 16 дана
Promare animation review?? 👀
Movie magic
Movie magic Пре 16 дана
You should react to Rango
Tlknghds_1980 Пре 16 дана
Lucas Schiozer
Lucas Schiozer Пре 16 дана
Please react to the Shrek franchise!!
Taka San
Taka San Пре 16 дана
Please make a video about "Love, Death + Robots"
OGxVIRGIN Пре 17 дана
Can you guys react to the naruto vs. sasuke fight from naruto shippuden?
Daniel Nokes
Daniel Nokes Пре 17 дана
You want another extremely jenky animated movie? Have a look at ‘Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists.’
Sajeew Wijemuni
Sajeew Wijemuni Пре 18 дана
can you watch "Cat Shit One" its an animated tv episode you should really watch that.
p RODA ction
p RODA ction Пре 19 дана
Ivan Dorn - Wasted Check this out, russian music clip, full CG
Yagami Light
Yagami Light Пре 19 дана
React to velocipastor. Animators for toy story did the vfx of car on fire.
Christopher de guzman
Christopher de guzman Пре 19 дана
Do the Zuko and azula fight for atla
Kenerie Пре 20 дана
I have a suggestion for you guy's to react on: Terkel in Trouble or anything from the same studio
Legant Пре 20 дана
I whish you guys react to Lubally For A Princess from Warp Out. Its a great music animation and it has a breakdown where you can see the effort on it.
pshawoots Пре 20 дана
the dress in the fujiwara chika dance?
JustNoobert Пре 20 дана
Its basically kinematics but inverse
Tense Пре 20 дана
The toy story scene was amazing i don't know why it looked so realistic like not just the toilet paper thing the whole bathroom scene was amazing like him balancing on the restroom stall and climbing the brick wall looked so stunning 5 year old me, id try to do something like that with my woody toy, props to the people who animated that whole scene!!! :0
John Gerald Alog
John Gerald Alog Пре 21 дан
Please react to "Your Name" directed by Makoto Shinkai. Been watching you guys for a long time now, I think you'll enjoy the animation in that one.
Raul Dias
Raul Dias Пре 21 дан
Bring him baaack
kashmir102 Пре 21 дан
please react to some veggie tales animation.
zZOdysseus Zz
zZOdysseus Zz Пре 22 дана
8:41 unfortunately however last of us 2 didn’t. It completely failed with story telling
Abo Algaoaber 515
Abo Algaoaber 515 Пре 22 дана
You guys must breakdown some of Attack on Titan scenes because their animation is very very dope, I hope that you read my comment. :)
Seán Horan
Seán Horan Пре 22 дана
Why you gotta make me sad with tlou2?😭😭
EternalNovA Пре 23 дана
Animators react to "Dead fantasy" please @CorridorDigital
Casual Woomy
Casual Woomy Пре 23 дана
I got an add and the first thing I heard was “My god it’s hideous” And that’s how I feel
Jason Seybold
Jason Seybold Пре 23 дана
lol someone trolled the Hollywood elite
Hunter Setty
Hunter Setty Пре 23 дана
I’d really like to hear them talk about the phenomenal animation in Pixar’s Onward, I honestly didn’t think it was that great at first, but the more I watch it the more I like it, and I’m seeing more details in the animation that are so subtle it kind of blows me away. There’s a scene where the main character is talking to a friend of his fathers and you can actually see his cheeks flush with excitement as he learns more about his father, it was really impressive when I first noticed, and I’d love to see what the guys can spot within that movie.
nicky_ tdbp
nicky_ tdbp Пре 23 дана
Payton Grant
Payton Grant Пре 23 дана
You should react to good and bad kids show animation
Kevin Campos
Kevin Campos Пре 23 дана
Commenting for algorithm.
Miles Eaton
Miles Eaton Пре 23 дана
Would love to see an animators react to the ice skating from Yuri!!! on Ice
Jackson Giddens
Jackson Giddens Пре 24 дана
lmao i havent seen toy story 4 yet and panic yelled "spoilers!" cause yknow spoilers are super important for toy story
negative10ten Пре 24 дана
Please react to Star Wars Resistance animated series, specifically the season 2 episode 19 star destroyer explosion maybe?
Football Professor
Football Professor Пре 24 дана
Can you talk about the latest anime trend on RStoolss. Where people are converting their favorite anime actions scenes from 30 to 60 fps. For example, thunder breathing from demon slayer looks amazing!
Dolphin Western
Dolphin Western Пре 24 дана
You all should do a video on Gantz:0 it’s on Netflix, completely animated and they did an insane job on it personally
yannick heres
yannick heres Пре 24 дана
All the critical role fans: ASHLEY!!!
Whiteythereaper Пре 25 дана
That weasel in Foodfight looks like a fucking Source Film Maker meme
Dom_ Da_Boss
Dom_ Da_Boss Пре 25 дана
Can you guys bring back Alex and react to any of the fight scenes from FATE/ZERO
Test Test
Test Test Пре 27 дана
Animation is the only thing good in last of us 2, and it's because the studio burn out their animators and nobody wanted to work there, so they hired people from movie studios. Garbage game
Sheri Van Amen
Sheri Van Amen Пре 27 дана
I've always been curious on knowing how they animated RedLine. When you guys make the 5th animators react be sure to check out redline. If you wanna watch it it's the link here -->
cayddn d
cayddn d Пре 27 дана
Foodfight was originally supposed to be animated like a 3D Looney Tunes cartoon, but the hard drives for the animation were totally stolen in 2002 and the director shifted the animation to motion capture in 2004, leading to communication issues between him and the animation team, alongside a bunch of other setbacks that resulted with the movie looking like... that.
Johan Bahar
Johan Bahar Пре 27 дана
Great content... Could you react to Klaus Netflix.
JosephTheCastle Пре 28 дана
You guys should react to the Barbie and Max Steel Hasbro movies
MaxPare Пре 29 дана
I could listen to him talk about animation all day long. He's got such a passion
blaster Пре 29 дана
You should react to One punch man season 1 action scenes.
Shem Chadz Otero
Shem Chadz Otero Пре месец
Pls react to the Hare Hare Yukai dance from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu or any of the dances from any anime
Matt Lamson
Matt Lamson Пре месец
Animators react - last air bender
Harsh Sheth
Harsh Sheth Пре месец
Please React To Ratatoullie
Nikil O Sivakumaar
Nikil O Sivakumaar Пре месец
pls react to killer bean
Bobby Balakchiev
Bobby Balakchiev Пре месец
hey pls react to Goat Story. its hilarious!
Chris Carrizosa
Chris Carrizosa Пре месец
You guys should do the re-anime channel!
chris C
chris C Пре месец
You should do cars 3. The whole movie is great, but there is a scene starting at about the 00:59:25 mark to about 1:02:00mark that just looks incredible to me. Watch the whole thing if you haven't seen it cause there are so many really well animated scenes. Please review it. Would love to hear your opinions
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g Пре месец
The Cat in Toy Story 4 legit looks like a real cat.
GoodLookinGhost Пре месец
Clint: 3rd ever animators react! Nico: 4th ever! Title: Animators React 2. Lol
Nosrah Пре месец
Should take a look at Batman Ninja. Some real great animation there.
Lena Martin
Lena Martin Пре месец
For some more context, “Foodfight!” had a budget of $65,000,000. The worldwide gross? $120,000. Dear lord.
fearlessjoebanzai Пре месец
That snowman character was definitely modeled on Alexander. It's really quite uncanny.
ShookSamurai Пре месец
I have movie-ptsd from food fight
Cherrykye Waters
Cherrykye Waters Пре месец
The Weasle looks like moving poop
LittleBlondie CJ
LittleBlondie CJ Пре месец
You guys should react to The Brave Little Toaster series
Bunty Thakur
Bunty Thakur Пре месец
U should have reacted to Japanese anime
KevinHerronArt Пре месец
Haha, Love Alex and his work! Lets make him suffer by watching "Delgo" or get him on talking about Bat-nipples Batman (and the franchises) since he's got that short he's working on!
Retro Пре месец you guys should react to jujutsu kaisen and watch it if you havent already
Retro Пре месец
Retro Пре месец
Marshall Rost
Marshall Rost Пре месец
For all of those who worked on Foodfight, I would just like to say If I could go back and stop all of it from happening then I would May God have mercy on your soul
David Greenwood
David Greenwood Пре месец
Corridor crew you should remake Foodfight with better animation. Right now please?!
Chris Dobson
Chris Dobson Пре месец
Alex is awesome!
Emiliano Pedraza
Emiliano Pedraza Пре месец
Niko is such a good teacher, every time he explains something I understand what he's talking about
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