Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 Update & DLC Reaction

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Austin John Plays

Austin John Plays

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The Animal Crossing Direct showed off a LOT of new free content in the 2.0 update as well as a new $25 Paid DLC

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Коментара: 1 173
Joy Blue
Joy Blue Пре 4 дана
this reaction was so wholesome
Tina Corbett
Tina Corbett Пре 7 дана
Please do a few more episodes. Even if it's just going through the new things that came out.
Tatyana Vogt
Tatyana Vogt Пре 9 дана
Oh nooooo, I am so sad that you didn't meet the like request! I love your animal crossing videos!
Katlyn Micallef
Katlyn Micallef Пре 11 дана
Please come back and do a series!!!! Bought the update and I need guidance 😭😭
GrimDemon Пре 12 дана
Return RETURN!!!!!!
Yellow House
Yellow House Пре 14 дана
I would love for you to come back and start fresh with a new island!!
Kingultinate Пре 17 дана
You should definitely play animal crossing again :)
musicgalsUSA Пре 21 дан
So... if you could like make ACNH videos with the update and DLC, that'd be a bomb christmas present. You were my favorite to watch. Come back!!
Caroline A
Caroline A Пре 23 дана
Honestly pretty sad we didn't hit the like goal :( Since I've gotten back into the game I can't boot up my island without thinking about the feeling if waiting for another AJP video to come out a on ACNH. But whatever you choose to do is fine. Maybe I'll go back and watch old episodes
iceup 17
iceup 17 Пре 24 дана
This update is pretty incredible you should give it at least one return episode
Ashley Thoren
Ashley Thoren Пре 24 дана
Would love to see you come back! I put it down but am loving the free update!!! Saving the dlc for when I'm done with the free stuff
Siddharth Vemuri
Siddharth Vemuri Пре 24 дана
13:43 austin out here regretting kicking out Beau
Sereta Mage
Sereta Mage Пре 26 дана
I’d love to see you play again!
Aaron Haag
Aaron Haag Пре 26 дана
No lie, “morning Butterpup” was something that made me smile during a very scary time in my life. I’ll always appreciate it.
Jellie9442 Пре 26 дана
If you did return to the game with a new island, you should call it ‘replays’ since you’re playing the game again 😂
Christina Mammolito
Christina Mammolito Пре 26 дана
That’s just a taste of what they gave us. 🥰
Christina Mammolito
Christina Mammolito Пре 26 дана
You can use ABD machines on others island if they have one.
fbfulton90 Пре 27 дана
Sucks we couldn’t hit that 20k goal :( now stitches will never come home
Gengar’s drip
Gengar’s drip Пре 27 дана
I doubt he’s going to return to this game
R V Пре 28 дана
Fully expect him to keep his promise now. :)
Abigail Sherman
Abigail Sherman Пре 28 дана
Please more Animal Crossing content! Me and my boyfriend watched your play through during our senior year during lockdown and LOVE and MISS your animal crossing content!! Restart your island and... turn a new leaf :)
Matthew Пре 28 дана
We need to get him to 25k likes
Erin Norton
Erin Norton Пре 28 дана
I would love to see you play ACNH again!! Your videos were my favorite of the AC vids that came out when AC started. My islands entrance is totally inspired by the way you did yours.
John Chitwood
John Chitwood Пре месец
Can you make more videos of xenoblade chronicles 2 switch game made in 2017 ⭐️🍀New Game Plus 🍀⭐️🏅please explain everything about what you got do in New game plus
Kylan Gallagher
Kylan Gallagher Пре месец
Please come back to animal crossing I would watch every video
jiraiya carter
jiraiya carter Пре месец
Can you make a video about the difference between the free update and the paid dlc
TattedCat Пре месец
I mean....would a limited series be too bad? You're reactions were so genuine I think if you kept it short and sweet you'd enjoy yourself. LOL
Please keep doing this series You are the best ac youtuber I have ever watched and TRUST ME I HAVE WATCHED A LOT
Joey The Fanatic
Joey The Fanatic Пре месец
We are getting the froggy chair
JustCallMeMeghan Пре месец
I still rewatch some of your old ACNH videos. Thanks for giving us ACNH fans of yours the reaction. 💙
Being meguca is suffering.
Being meguca is suffering. Пре месец
I found this channel through your Animal Crossing videos, I'd love for you to cover 2.0 in some form or another even if it's just a video or two. Either way, you gotta do what makes you happy.
Hans Lad
Hans Lad Пре месец
I knew you would love to see the update so I just had to click this video
David Ouellette
David Ouellette Пре месец
*cries in Austin John not returning to animal crossing*
Aidan Piper
Aidan Piper Пре месец
They did add the froggy chair!
Brook K
Brook K Пре месец
I thought about resetting my island. Now I feel a bit more confident... get amino cards for my all my villagers and put my favourites with me once I unlock the amibo thing again, then put any leftover villagers I can’t fit on my island on the vacation home. I think all my villagers have their own amibo cards. Cause I want a new beginning and to experience it all again, but.... I’d miss my villagers.
Ashley Miller
Ashley Miller Пре месец
Your videos got me through a lot of tough times, got into ACNH during a low spot. After getting sober didn't pick it back up until now, just started a new island and I'm excited for this update. Would love to see you get back into AC.
tn02651 Пре месец
I found you through ACNH too!…I hope you play so I can see what you come up with…I’m also looking forward to Pokémon Pearl and Diamond…it’s going to be a busy winter!
Ashley Broening
Ashley Broening Пре месец
I just got Animal Crossing 2 weeks ago for the first time and this is so exciting to me
John Austin Kaohelaulii
John Austin Kaohelaulii Пре месец
*I’m flattening my island right now!*
BabyGurl_Lisa Пре месец
We didn't make it to 20k.😪
Samantha Gamache
Samantha Gamache Пре месец
This is great !! As someone who has been continuously playing new horizons since it came out this just gave me so much more to do and gave me that spark of joy I had release day. I am beyond impressed
Fawkes Пре месец
Bianca McFly
Bianca McFly Пре месец
25 Euros (they took the Dollar to Euro convertion 1:1, lol) is a steal for so much content. I am still playing every day since release and have therefore an humungus ammount on Nook Miles so I am super hyped to check out everything the DLC has to offer. But I hope you are playing again. :D
Katarina Mitchell
Katarina Mitchell Пре месец
Please play this update you were so fun to watch
issy hardcastle
issy hardcastle Пре месец
omg i've never been so excited to watch a video u were literally my comfort youtuber whilst i played acnh im happy ur making a lil bit more content to keep me going lol
Orion Pax
Orion Pax Пре месец
Does the family plan (new family plan) include the ACNH download for multiple downloads?
TheDaringPastry1313 Пре месец
14:05 anyone else feel like they are pulling from My Way , the Song by Frank Sinatra?
Gaby V
Gaby V Пре месец
Man this brought me back to watching your AC content. I enjoyed it so much! Obviously if you’re not feeling the game, don’t come back to it, but I’d love watching more of your AC videos- they were my faves ☺️
Mario Castillo
Mario Castillo Пре месец
Pain. So many vewis and not 20k like 😔
Olivia H
Olivia H Пре месец
I just wish there was a way to wipe your island without losing all the furniture and critters you’ve caught. Only thing stopping me 😩
SilverFN Пре месец
Same. I’m just going to flatten
Rick van O
Rick van O Пре месец
Get back in the game man! The update is sick.
Sarah Audette
Sarah Audette Пре месец
New Subscriber! Hello from Minnesota 💜💜
Falcon Gaming
Falcon Gaming Пре месец
Austin be like: having a freakin pewdiepie chair..
Octimore Пре месец
In the thumbnail there is four levels of cliff, will that be coming with the update?
Jellie9442 Пре месец
Please Austin, give it another few days or so, 2k more likes and we’d have it :( don’t feel pressured to do it, but please
Alex Gee
Alex Gee Пре месец
Would love for you to make your return to AC! Me & all my friends who played loved your vids so much. You turned us into AC Masters lmao.
Loli Пре месец
you were the one that got me into acnh so im so happy you made this video!
EndothermeSublimation Пре месец
What Are these cards on the end of the trailer video ? What can I do with em ? I'm new to this nintendo amiibo cards stuff xD
Lego Builder
Lego Builder Пре месец
I can't wait for the new update. I have to have it. Oh, and recently I got a 5 star rating!!☺☺
Matthew Nguyen
Matthew Nguyen Пре месец
would you have a full uncut vid of your reaction?
lizzi Пре месец
ahh how i miss your ac playthrough! but whatever floats ur boat my dude :) also love the majoras mask 👀
Logan Monteith
Logan Monteith Пре месец
Spoof Пре месец
It’s almost been 2 years since I first watched this series, you were my favorite part of quarantine!
Joe Lewis
Joe Lewis Пре месец
I guess I’m getting back into ACNH lol. I think the $25 for the DLC is very reasonable as well lol
SimplyTwistedOnna Пре месец
even if it would take 4 or more months for you to play the dlc id still watch those videos
JBTheRooster Пре месец
Please get back into it! I'll be playing the Pokemon games as well as all this new AC content (with a fresh island that I just started this week). You can do it too!
Jasmine Moon
Jasmine Moon Пре месец
You gave me something to look forward every day. I don't play any other games and when you quit it broke my heart. I loved seeing your new changes and tips. Please maybe give us a biweekly video upload?!
katinsb317 Пре месец
I don't know if anyone mentioned, but in the second screen shot of the shimmy you see the froggy chair.
ginasno1 Пре месец
Omg we are 2k likes away! Come on guys!
Drakester0 Пре месец
Marianne Esquivel
Marianne Esquivel Пре месец
“I don’t thing I’ll go back to the game… … OH the frozen fencing! 🥺😧”
Vanessa Barnes
Vanessa Barnes Пре месец
Almost there! lol 18K! Come onnn 😊
ShinyEevee27 Пре месец
Would you come back if they introduced the froggy chair? I love your reaction video, thank you for making this! **edit post watching - dang, we're still 2k likes short of your requirement to return and today is the one week mark! I am super excited for the new content! I will be returning to the game! But I can't bare to part with all the things I've already accomplished, so I won't be starting over.
moonbear Пре месец
Sooo close to 20.000 likes 🌼 I wish I could like more than once lol
Editor Jack
Editor Jack Пре месец
It has been since June that I last got a video game, but the next six months are looking extremely with This, JWE2, BDSP, Legends Arceus, and LEGO Star Wars the Skywalker Saga, Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 2, and The Wild Update whenever that will be released. I also am yet to get Pokémon snap and 3D all stars which are two games that I am hoping for in the coming months.
Cecil Micko
Cecil Micko Пре месец
Good morning Butterpup
SilverFN Пре месец
At least one episode of ACNH every week please!!!
Ya boi Koi
Ya boi Koi Пре месец
Please 😭 one day out of the week is all we need 🙏🏻
Cieara Kimberly
Cieara Kimberly Пре месец
so the happy island designer is just... sims??? lmaooo
Videomaster108 Пре месец
Please come home Austin, we missed you! We’d love to watch more ACNH content!
Mario Castillo
Mario Castillo Пре месец
2k more likes! We got one more day come on guys we can do it!
M. Lenden Mecaral
M. Lenden Mecaral Пре месец
what about the constucting linked with storage update???
kelley ditchburn
kelley ditchburn Пре месец
So pissed. The everything update with ACNH pkg is 69.99 here in Canada. Is it the same price anywhere else?
SilverFN Пре месец
Not in the US
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Пре месец
I really like the things they have added. But the main problem with the game is in my opinion the multiplayer we don’t really have anything fun to do with our friends and without it there isn’t anything that keeps you playing after unlocking all stuff. And since this is the last update I’m guessing we won’t get anything like that. In a year or so people will stop playing again because there’s nothing to do and starting over isnt fun and feels like you wasted the hours you spend into the game.
Erick Bajao
Erick Bajao Пре месец
I am so excited for the happy home paradise
Ilhan Пре месец
So basically the new dlc is just animal crossing creative mode
Aynessa Valerion
Aynessa Valerion Пре месец
Dang, slightly short of your 20K requirement. I do hope you pick ACNH back up at some point though, maybe after BDSP? :) I'm a huge Pokemon fan, but your AC series was really special and relaxing during a time when I desperately needed stress relief. Would love to see it come back, even if just 1-2 small videos.
devofreck Пре месец
WE NEED 3K more likes!!!!
SilverFN Пре месец
It’s been stuck at 17K for 2 days. We aren’t gonna hit 20K
Ammar Saleem
Ammar Saleem Пре месец
Have a question, is it still worth getting animal crossing now?
SilverFN Пре месец
Yes. Especially with the new update coming out
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith Пре месец
Please Please come back to AC! That's how I found your channel. Your videos brought me so much joy in 2020. I do hope you come back!
Emma Wilks
Emma Wilks Пре месец
Ah it's so exciting! I never stopped playing ACNH as i've loved the Animal Crossing series since i was a little one but I have gradually played it less and less. Now I'm prepaired to be completely obessed again for another solid 3 months and then can continue to play at a 'Healthy' rate after the honeymoon phase haha. I hope Austin gets back into the game because I just adored his series and its the ONLY animal crossing videos that i truly was excited and focused on. Got me through year 1 of lockdown here in Australia. Best of wishes to Austin and I hope to see you play again, but only because you want to! xx
mark coale
mark coale Пре месец
I hope the likes havent stalled at 17,000.
SilverFN Пре месец
It will most likely just hit 18K and won’t move up anymore Edit: I was right
Haus Hagen
Haus Hagen Пре месец
8:15 "did they introduce the froggy chair" in a way they kinda did, it was in the scene where they introduced the fact of moving through tight spaces .3.
J Script
J Script Пре месец
yes i like, but how do I buy this without Nintendo online?
SilverFN Пре месец
Preorders haven’t started yet
Joe Roffey
Joe Roffey Пре месец
“If this video gets 20,000 likes in the first week…” Currently says “5 days ago” and 17,000 likes 👀
SilverFN Пре месец
It’s been 17K since yesterday
Kirsty Nye
Kirsty Nye Пре месец
Please come back to ANCH! xx
Amanda Kizer
Amanda Kizer Пре месец
I never thought I’d go back either. PA-PA-PA-PLEASSSSSEEEEEEE go back Austin. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
Dominik Towns
Dominik Towns Пре месец
I could see it your eyes, "Crap I really like this... Why does this have to come so close to Pokemon..." Haha.
Carrie S.
Carrie S. Пре месец
My friend and I are starting over. Join us!!!!!
Sean Marlin
Sean Marlin Пре месец
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