Aleksandar Rakic talks UFC 259 fight vs. Thiago Santos, training with hero Mirko Cro Cop | ESPN MMA

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Aleksandar Rakic makes his debut on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to preview his light heavyweight fight vs. Thiago Santos at UFC 259.
0:00 Rakic discusses why he’ll be wearing the Serbian flag on Saturday while still recognizing his fans in Austria.
6:04 Looks back at losing his first MMA fight and discusses the athletes he looked up to growing up.
9:02 What it was like to train with Mirko Cro Cop.
13:56 Rakic explains the limited amount of training he and Santos have had together.
15:18 What he expects from Santos, who is coming off a loss to Glover Teixeira.
17:17 Rakic breaks down Jan Blachowicz vs. Israel Adesanya and what he hopes is next for him with a victory.
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gogo goran Horvat
gogo goran Horvat Пре 16 дана
Ajmo Balkanci,,,,,sad je : RAKIĆ'S TIME,,, AJMO BALKAN,,,,ZA RAKIĆA💪👍💯
Dušan Ristić
Dušan Ristić Пре 28 дана
Ask him about Petrak.
comp__ Bot__trojan
comp__ Bot__trojan Пре месец
hope too see this happen soon rakic vs dominic reyes..that look matching..
Kristijan Jevtovic
Kristijan Jevtovic Пре месец
Rakic legenda
Do vla
Do vla Пре месец
JOSIP Baustelac Gastarbeiterkind !
JOSIP Baustelac Gastarbeiterkind ! Пре месец
Ajmo Aco! Pozdrav iz Beca.🇭🇷🇷🇸🇦🇹
dejan juhanovski
dejan juhanovski Пре месец
novak djokovic,nemanja vidic ,aleksandar rakic svetski priznati a nasi su ;)
pro pro
pro pro Пре месец
Pitajte ga za Stošića
Gerhard KEUSCHNIGG Пре месец
awesome interview, awesome fight, awesome personality. Me being Austrin didn´t like him not wearing our flag, but I understand it now - receiving zero appreciation from our country and being a superstar in serbia........
Srbislav Petrovic
Srbislav Petrovic Пре месец
Rakic je buduci sampion
Danilo Janjic
Danilo Janjic Пре месец
Real champion great example of the men and the fighter
UFC Pugnator
UFC Pugnator Пре месец
Idemo Rakic
UFC Pugnator
UFC Pugnator Пре месец
New Generation in LHW, let's go
Sasa Petronijevic
Sasa Petronijevic Пре месец
Di je Petrak ovde? Koje ovaj?
S N Пре месец
Santos should've won
Bucky Bux
Bucky Bux Пре месец
Event in Belgrade would be amazing. One of the best events for Sure. Rakic, Stipe, Medic, Camur and Todorovic should be on the card .
Jack Tenrec
Jack Tenrec Пре месец
disgraceful performance vs santos that sparing match should have been scored a draw
Kristijan Jurković
Kristijan Jurković Пре месец
Ariel Helwani's nose VS Marko Petrak's ears, people don't understand, when you look, what is more huuuuuuuge
Thanos Пре месец
Next UfC-CHAMPION! 👊👍 🇷🇸🇦🇹🇷🇸🇦🇹🇷🇸🇦🇹🇷🇸🇦🇹
Jesse Halls
Jesse Halls Пре месец
im an austrian fan and im upset lmao
Game Boy
Game Boy Пре месец
Bravo Rakic !!! And you were spot on with Jan prediction!!!
Nikola Vasic
Nikola Vasic Пре месец
TheKerber87 Пре месец
Ajmo Rakicu.. samo jakoo 💪💪🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Lazar Vulićević
Lazar Vulićević Пре месец
Do event in Belgrade
Slavka Glibanović
Slavka Glibanović Пре месец
Ajmo Raketa
Bobby Smith
Bobby Smith Пре месец
Makes me like this guy even more his hero is Crocop!
mirko zivanovic
mirko zivanovic Пре месец
I hear Santos booked a room in intensive care in Vegas? RAKIC is sending him to a coma tonight
Nenad Ilic
Nenad Ilic Пре месец
Cela Srbija,Rep.Srpska,Cg navija za tebe!
Nenad Ilic
Nenad Ilic Пре месец
Ko prenosi veceras taj mec?
Andrej Milovanovic
Andrej Milovanovic Пре месец
Srećno večeras matori!!!
Haribo Hirsch
Haribo Hirsch Пре месец
Rakic du kannst dir sicher sein, ganzer balkan und deutschsprachige raum stehen hinter dir und supporten dich, hol dir den sieg und als nächstes den titel champ
TeamJESUS #12
TeamJESUS #12 Пре месец
Um wieviel Uhr gehts los?
James Fox
James Fox Пре месец
Start of the video: Ariel: _We STAY 'Hello' now...._
the one
the one Пре месец
Rakicu sretno, santos je opak lik
Josip Zagorac
Josip Zagorac Пре месец
jimmy manual
zoran pribanic
zoran pribanic Пре месец
...Aca Brate moj....
KnockDown Videos
KnockDown Videos Пре месец
Uz tebe je CEO Balkan 👊
Zozi Vozi
Zozi Vozi Пре месец
Brat je u fokusu 100%
Marko Marić
Marko Marić Пре месец
For me, after Mirko, Rakic have the strongest legs in MMA. Their force is brutal. Smith said it after the fight that after 3 kicks, he didnt feel his legs
Swoup Swoup
Swoup Swoup Пре месец
IDEMO RAKIĆU 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹
Kingofcrunktak Пре месец
AXbox 390
AXbox 390 Пре месец
Marko Petrak
Amar Besic
Amar Besic Пре месец
Rakic will kill Santos
Mining Life
Mining Life Пре месец
Aco srbine!! ❤️
ivan spoljaric
ivan spoljaric Пре месец
Let s go champ!!
XxxULTIMATEZxxX Пре месец
Imagine a fight between Aleksandar Rakic and Jiri Prochazka. That would be massive for the Austria, Czech Republic and Balkan region, not to mention that it would be an incredible fight 🔥
Omg I am so triggered but
Omg I am so triggered but Пре месец
Marko Petrak on life support
Koudéta Пре месец
Koky AG96
Koky AG96 Пре месец
He is Rocket Bosnian Serb living in Austria he is all but first one he is man he is all what Young kids want to be !!!! Brateee sretnoooo
Ovde Sada
Ovde Sada Пре месец
Aleksandar "Rocket" Rakic SRBIJA!
Ivan Slonj
Ivan Slonj Пре месец
Idemo Yugoslavia .✌✌✌🙌💣💥🕶👔
Markese Rolle
Markese Rolle Пре месец
Brandish Пре месец
I'm kinda starstruck by crocop. At one time he was the most terrifying guy in the game to me.
zuti attack
zuti attack Пре месец
People THIS IS THE NEW BALKAN KING IN THE MAKING...after Mirko and Stipe we have another 100% beast
JA SAM Пре месец
Ovako kad ga gledam djeluje mi kao neki djecak iz komsiluka, ali kad udje u ring, da ti se krv sledi u zilama.. Koja transformacija!!
Enouch Thompson
Enouch Thompson Пре месец
Ракетаааа 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Suprotan Smer
Suprotan Smer Пре месец
Call Badun and Petrak. They are people that did a lot for this sport. Badun with his sok sak elbow and Petrak as interviewer who helped him to get noticed.
Nino American
Nino American Пре месец
Idemo aco gasi ga💪💪👍
Jedan Jedini
Jedan Jedini Пре месец
David Kang
David Kang Пре месец
The historical road prognostically talk because giant endogenously bruise throughout a profuse veterinarian. versed, plastic bladder
djtheory Пре месец
Yugoslavians are just built different Stipe HW Champ, Alex FW Champ, and next Rakic is going to have the LHW belt wrapped around his waist by the end of 2021 💯 🇷🇸🇸🇮🇲🇪🇭🇷🇧🇦🇲🇰
Djordje Tomic
Djordje Tomic Пре месец
Ufc in Belgrade would be maddd!!!
Stefan Milatovic
Stefan Milatovic Пре месец
Sorry Santos, but rocket 🚀 time
F R Пре месец
ajmo Rakic✌️🇭🇷
ven om
ven om Пре месец
Respect Ariel for this interview, you are interviewing future champion!
DarkPhantomSky Пре месец
Awesome dude
Grams N' Noses
Grams N' Noses Пре месец
Rakiću, ako pokažeš istu srčanost i snazu kao protiv Smifa pobjeda ti je zagarantirana! Sretno ratniče!
Stelios Minotauro
Stelios Minotauro Пре месец
So a nice guy! Alles Gute für Samstag Aleks.. 🙏❤️
Pavle Djordjevic
Pavle Djordjevic Пре месец
Joe Corona
Joe Corona Пре месец
Marko Matić
Marko Matić Пре месец
Udri Brus Li, cepaj Brus Li, pocepaj gi sviiiii iii iiiiii 😄
Alexofficial 111
Alexofficial 111 Пре месец
PaviCerak Пре месец
Ali što kaže brat YugoSLAVEia 😂😂😂
Mr. E
Mr. E Пре месец
Rakic's reach is 78" while Jon Jones is 84".
Elo Ćelo
Elo Ćelo Пре месец
Thanks for representing balkan druze
Dovlicar Пре месец
jason bourne
jason bourne Пре месец
scheiß österreich...wirklich
Bojan Jekic
Bojan Jekic Пре месец
Marko aka "Klempavi" Petrak is on the recovery in the hospital... 🏥
Bijelo djubre 3
Bijelo djubre 3 Пре месец
David Harcula
David Harcula Пре месец
Wow the country you n family came FROM you don t support .pass on you
Anonym Anonym
Anonym Anonym Пре месец
we support him clown
NO Пре месец
pitaj ga za Petraka je l ima klempave usi ili su samo velike kako on kaze?
ZyxEL K Пре месец
Please invite Vedran Badjun and Marko Petrak, Vedran has greatest elbow tehnique called "sok-sak" and Marko Petrak is the best podcaster in Europe, you can ask rakic about them Thanks bro sok sak
Ahmed Đonlić
Ahmed Đonlić Пре месец
Gdje je kruška i gdje je klempo sa kačketom
Oreo-San Пре месец
let's go rakic! his head kick KO against manuwa made me a fan
Aleksander maybe you should have both of your flags printed on your fighting shorts 🩳 on each legs 🦵
Rob The Vampire Slayer
Rob The Vampire Slayer Пре месец
Thumbs up for Rakic's english.
Marko Z.
Marko Z. Пре месец
Ask him about Marko Petrak
Bekulica Пре месец
Rakić is very dangerous,he is naturaly strong and hard like rock, and he is very serius in training,very tough
Maxi Guilerme
Maxi Guilerme Пре месец
Best fighter ever lived on this planet is Vedran Bađun aka "Vedran Lažun" aka "Bili šaman" aka " rozi kiboko" aka " Simba Mzungu" he never lost a fight in 28 years, he is champ in this world and beyond 🔥🐷
Ćiro Građević
Ćiro Građević Пре месец
Can't forget the legendary "sok sak" elbow tehnique, he could easily knock out ngannou with that devastating strike😂
Operations Department
Operations Department Пре месец
Ajde sine mojjj
Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy Пре месец
unimportant fella, nobody cares
Robert Gaso
Robert Gaso Пре месец
Great kid...Good luck Rakic!
V P Пре месец
kickja4 Пре месец
This guy looks like Manuel Ferrara
matevž draksler
matevž draksler Пре месец
Gazda! 💪
stevie Black
stevie Black Пре месец
Ganz Österreich steht hinter dir!!! 🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹
alex perez
alex perez Пре месец
Uz tebe smo!!! СРБИНЕ
Marko Tulije Ciceron
Marko Tulije Ciceron Пре месец
Pitaj ga za Stošića
Dr. Ruhe
Dr. Ruhe Пре месец
les goooo 🇦🇹
Марио Врбас
Марио Врбас Пре месец
best wishes for Rakic in fight against Santos, hopefully win!
RebuildPT Пре месец
This fight can be a main event
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