A LEGEND! Asmongold & Rich Interview Yoshi-P | FFXIV Endwalker

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It actually happened! Asmongold talked for the first time ever with legendary Final Fantasy 14 Lead Dev Naoki Yoshida. As part of the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Media Tour, Asmongold & Rich had the chance to ask a lot of interesting questions, enjoy!

Rich's Twitch Channel: www.twitch.tv/richwcampbell

02:30 [Rich] Noticeable Changes to FFXIV Community
05:51 [Asmon] Recent MMO Resurgence
10:39 [Rich] MMO Game Design
16:04 [Asmon] Balance Content for Solo/Multiple Players
25:55 [Asmon] Difficult Content for Light Parties or Solo Players
27:56 [Rich] New Players Impact on Expansion
36:36 [Rich] Communication Between Devs & Players
44:15 [Asmon] Communication (Continued)
48:55 [Rich] Inspiration From Other Games
53:59 [Both] Compliments to Yoshida

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Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker Пре 18 минута
FFXIV is such a piece of art and on top of that is a lot of fun. Another wow escapee.
Reid Quisenberry
Reid Quisenberry Пре 48 минута
I don't play FF14. I tried it, wasn't for me. But I do follow Asmon and his content, and I must say this is such a gem amongst the gaming community. In the current gaming climate of over monetization, poor products and releases, terrible communication between company and consumer, this is such a breath of fresh air and speaks volumes of Square Enix.
StylesProtocol Пре дан
Planetside2Vlogs Пре дан
Y'shtola dies for good this time😥 , I am sobbing so bad right now, we'll miss you #1 cat! Good luck on your adventure! o7
Hati Пре дан
For you who dont understand, when Aimi told Yoshi about Asmon being in GS he actually agreed and as you saw he laughed at it. That may mean that he watches his streams.
Camere Пре 3 дана
that like dislike ratio is insane
Egor Jack
Egor Jack Пре 3 дана
47:10 thank me later
hockeypromike11 Пре 4 дана
that daytona doe
Webhost Tamago
Webhost Tamago Пре 5 дана
hey Asmon do you think blizzard would the same as this? :D
EmmSoiree Пре 8 дана
anyone else just in awe at the translator??? jesus man that was IMPRESSIVE
Shadows Within
Shadows Within Пре 9 дана
Just to give my perspective, I'm a huge reader I love books and story, characters and how they evolve. However with books, they are limited in that your more along for the ride often. Your Observing Percy Jackson, who has his own sense of self and trying to overcome his obstacles. But that isn't me, I'm just along for the ride as he makes his way through this world. I found with MMORPG's and some single player RPG's like say Skyrim for example, I am the one trying to make my way through this world. I'm able to go off track and explore over that hill, rather than being led on rails towards the stories narrative. And so With WOW being my first MMO, and later so many others. I had this huge world to explore, often unique and interesting characters. Companions in some games even love interests, that made me feel a part of that world and invested. However raiding, and dungeons that are outside of the story aspect. Trying to kill monsters for epic armor and or weapons in order to do that said content, I don't care about. I don't care for PVP as it just doesn't overly matter to the story for me, and these types of content are more for competition. For personal satisfaction in achieving something difficult, which I understand perfectly. Some people strive on competing and winning, which is fair enough. But I don't, I never read a book back to front and upside down in the dark to make it harder to read. So while I fully admire and understand people's need to excel and win, many of us find living difficult enough. So when we have downtime, we want to relax, have a good time and immerse ourselves in a fantasy world...Much like a good book but with more freedom to decide our own ending, so for me a good MMO...RPG needs to have content that suits both types of players, I do not class myself as a casual player as such. Which to me sounds like someone who only has a few hours a week to play, I play some form of video game every day for hours. But I don't feel a need to challenge myself, or prove anything like the hardcore competitive players. Of which there is nothing wrong with that, the problem comes and I've come across it. When the two groups are thrown together in a dungeon or somewhere, where the hard-cores want to win and are stressed if things go wrong. And the story players who are just there for the continuation of the story, these two groups do not go together as they have very different goals. A good mmo needs to keep these two groups apart, so each can enjoy the content they like. Many people in ESO hated me reading the books in the dungeons, looting for craft able items. I hated them for rushing through something I was in for the lore or story continuation. I don't care too much about rotations, gear for harder content, and many do for the harder content. Many don't play for the RPG aspect, and don't care about the story. Don't care for overland content, they care about the harder, challenging content. Others for the PVP content because that's what they like. So for me I think a good MMORPG has to have something for everyone to enjoy, because toxicity comes from a game trying to put these two or more types of players together. When they both have very different ideas of how they want to engage with the content, keeping these two groups separate from each other and contented with plenty of things for each to do is a great idea. Solo players are mostly born from an inability by a game, to recognize what type of player they are, through bad mechanics. So they get matched with players with goals not their own, the toxicity levels rise due to an inability of the players, not being able or unwilling to understand the other party not wanting to play their way. Final fantasy 14, ESO are trying to ride that line of supplying content to each group. While not ostracizing either group, and I think while it's a hard balancing act Final fantasy and ESO possibly other new MMORPGs are doing a good job at recognizing the differences, something wow tried but often ended up going wrong.
God Пре 11 дана
He is going to the after life. Legend me and the boys like Buddha watch these guys.
Drexiom Пре 12 дана
Yoshie-P is one of the best directors if not the best of any MMO I've ever played. He seems like a really genuine person.
ZELESTIAL Пре 13 дана
Aimi fuckin KILLED it in this. Wow. And such a legendary dev 😀
Aura Mastho
Aura Mastho Пре 13 дана
The translator is so talented. Really Impressive. Wow
smug Пре 13 дана
i never played any mmorpg at all, but right about now ff14 feels like it'd be a great game to start with
Zangetsu Пре 4 дана
It would be a great choice, best part is that you can put in hundreds of hours and still be in the free trial :)
zzz Пре 13 дана
Wow legends
DankPands Пре 14 дана
I only made it 49 seconds in the video and I love this guy....
sbtoolman12123 Пре 14 дана
At first i was shocked Yoshi-p played other games. Then i thought "well of course he would it makes perfect sense. It fuels innovation for competitors to see what the other guy is doing and think "that is a very cool feature or idea i am gonna go see how it would work in my game with some tweaks" It benefits the players in the long run.
Tarkonis Пре 14 дана
ION HASSIKOSTAS: I know what fun is you plebs!! Yoshi P: Lets go out for drinks and get smashed!
Tarkonis Пре 15 дана
Why people are disliking this video is beyond me
Benjamin Пре 15 дана
The translator did such a wonderful job, also she's really beautiful.
Delicashilous _
Delicashilous _ Пре 15 дана
47:07 - 47:39 best Moment ever.
ok Пре 17 дана
Omg I love that Asmongold combed his hair for this
Yue Akiyama
Yue Akiyama Пре 17 дана
Yoshi-p is our real life WoL
GureGuru Пре 18 дана
the translator must be the best in the world. holy shit
Enocia Пре 19 дана
THIS is why I am such a die hard fan of FFXIV. I have been from the release of ARR all the way through to now, already having pre-oredered endwalker. The team of people who work on this game have so much passion for the game and so much respect for their players and the things they want and need in the game. They are always going above and beyond for us and I can't express how grateful I am to be a part of this game and its community.
thelitepredator Пре 20 дана
Holy shot y’all got the hottest translator marry me
tofa- kurisu
tofa- kurisu Пре 21 дан
46:00 46:00 46:00 OK WoW developers look at this!!!
TheNerd Пре 21 дан
Blizzard: What is a community and who are those strange dudes streaming on these platforms? Ah... whatever. Square: Let's get these guys in here and chat with them.
Dankeydoodle Пре 23 дана
This is why I play FF14 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ so much love
granoz666 Пре 24 дана
This translator is the real MVP
Vincent Пре 24 дана
Man, Yoshi-P truly is a legend. Every game company in existence would benefit greatly from having someone like him at the helm.
AaronMetallion Пре 24 дана
FFXIV: Devs actually play the game, reveres the players, thinks they're "in service to the community", composer continues working in the hospital secretly while dealing with cancer and believes the players healed him, refers to players as -san (like sir) out of respect, 'you can take a break and play WoW between patches and explore other games'. Blizzard: We're in charge, players don't know what's good for them, asmon is toxic, censor the whole game to virtue signal, 6 month mount reward to lock you into the content drought, pain in the ass grinds / time-gates / retention mechanics to make 1 month's worth of content last for 8-12 month patch cycles. P.s the translator is on another level, she even mirrored Yoshi-P's emotions and delivered it so fluently.
Clipse D
Clipse D Пре 24 дана
I actually love asmon and don’t even know him
Nero ZeroHero
Nero ZeroHero Пре 24 дана
first time in a long time that I have sat through a video for this long on youtube besides a movie somewhere, and absolutely loved it. Aimi killed it but the banter was perfect too.
MrSilender Пре 25 дана
A really great interview🙏.
Chris Riddick
Chris Riddick Пре 25 дана
Wow, Yoshi is such an awesome brilliant guy. He has a good way of blowing your mind and inspiring new perspectives.
gren Пре 25 дана
FFXIV feels perfect to me, and they just keep adding onto the fire making it extra and with more flare. I aboslutely am addicted to the game and I love it with every bit.
Bonnie Wise
Bonnie Wise Пре 25 дана
If I had a chance to meet Yoshi-P or a movie star it would be Naoki Yoshida hands down. I am 60+ years old player of FFXIV and totally caught up in this game. I love the different ability content and the story captured me. There always seem to be another goal to reach for. One of the biggest thing I love about playing is the way it is handled/made so that it creates a community where the majority players are there to play and enjoy rather than grief other players. My daughter grew up playing FF. She help get me started in this one online and I am so glad she did. This game is currently keeping her spirits up through her MS issues and inability to work and do things physically. I would love for my comment to reach the creators and producers of this game so that they can be aware of how great this game is for not just any one group of players. I hope they keep doing what they do. Thank you, to them all. 🤗💗
J. Tyler
J. Tyler Пре 25 дана
Man... the comparison between this and the WoW devs. It makes me extremely happy that I dropped WoW last year and started ff14. Better people behind it, better content, and better community.
Даниил Соколов
Даниил Соколов Пре 26 дана
Yoshi-P: Final Fantasy launch was a failure, so first step we took was to apologize to players. Blizzard employee: What word he just used? Can somebody understand this language?
Peace Weapon
Peace Weapon Пре 26 дана
Tetsuya could learn a thing or two from this man. Let him make FF16
Peace Weapon
Peace Weapon Пре 26 дана
Yo where can I get that hoodie?
Joe King
Joe King Пре 26 дана
This is badass
Kell Пре 26 дана
This is fuckin awesome
Wolfyno 39
Wolfyno 39 Пре 26 дана
OMG I have been smiling the whole time xD
RS Пре 26 дана
Humanity and kindness first. Professionalism and great interview, including the outstanding translator. Having the priorities right was really impressive. Great game and and makers - thank you all for making this interview happen.
Ryan Bettencourt
Ryan Bettencourt Пре 27 дана
This was probably one of the best interviews I have seen from the media tour. Truly wholesome and original.
R Lawson
R Lawson Пре 27 дана
funny i watched this video and it inspired me to give ff14 another go i had a trial account a few month ago i like the game play but struggled with the game due to not being able to concerntrate on reading all the speach bubbles, i found whats known in wow as a grave yard system awkward i watched a video saying something about some crystals in each area i still was unsure i died whilst out questing and had to run all the way from the main city to where i died to continue on my quests shortly after i died again to some kind of event that came up and it put me back in the main city i logged out and never relogged in after watching this i tried to redownload the game and thought i would give it another go after all i was only lvl8 or something to be greated with a registration code entry or something from what i can guess i now need to buy the game even though i was only something like level 8 and only played for 2hrs due to my email address being registered, am i doing something wrong or is the trial only for a certain time i thought it was until you got to like lvl10 or 20 or something any advice would be appriecated.
Stra2G Пре 24 дана
it's not that you're doing something wrong; it's more early game of FF14 is an extreme chore. After lvl 50, everything picks up and the end game is close if not the best. In the near future the 2 major MMO's after WOW's fall from grace is Lost Ark and FF14.
Kawayolnyo Пре 27 дана
21:00~ Yoshi P is Sakurai of SquE. FF XIV is Smash of MMORPGs.
Ledemduso Пре 27 дана
I love how Asmon, Rich and Zepla in her interview all look like they're listening to Yoshi-P super hard, but (presumably) don't understand a word he's saying. Of course, that's just the polite thing to do and I admire all three to be able to do it that well, but it is kinda funny to me.
フォーク准将 Пре 27 дана
Ikxi - Forever a Tatsunoko
Ikxi - Forever a Tatsunoko Пре 27 дана
This is so wholesome
Just_A_Turkey Пре 27 дана
When he said he wanted to go out for drinks and talk shop 🥺🥺🥺 It's incredible how much respect he has for not only them but for the players in general!
Gale Buckhannah
Gale Buckhannah Пре 27 дана
Great more Asmon-trash.
captainthrall Пре 27 дана
That is the most beautiful translator I have ever seen in my fucking life. MARRY ME NOW
elevated levetator
elevated levetator Пре 27 дана
Okay. Fuck it. Im.gonna give ff a try. I wanna play this mans game. He is fucking awesome.
elevated levetator
elevated levetator Пре 24 дана
@Dreamer good im lvl 18 glad And 20 rogue
Dreamer Пре 24 дана
Haha! 😆 How did it go?
G Zombie
G Zombie Пре 27 дана
Ugh… I’m so invested in wow and never been into final fantasy’s art style but this is making REALLY HARD not to switch!!!bliz makes you feel so stupid for playing there game. There attitude there bulkshit boosting and not policy’s. The way they don’t take player input, the woke shit. It’s just impossible to not see this and want to show your support for this man who puts his face on HIS game.
Riсardo Milos
Riсardo Milos Пре 26 дана
Both games may be different in preferences and it’s understandable if one only liked the one and hated another, but it’s agreeable that Everyone liked Yoshida & hated Blizzard entirely.
Ebi Toro
Ebi Toro Пре 28 дана
I've known that Aimi is an amazing translator from other interviews and Letters from the Producer, but man her skills shine here. After she double checks with Yoshida that Ultima Online and Origin are not the same thing because she wasn't familiar with those terms, she goes on to craft her next sentences seamlessly. If I were her I would have frozen in a panic and totally missed the rest of his speech. Sorry if I sound creepy dissecting your mad talents, Aimi lol. You're a real pro and FFXIV is lucky to have you on board!
Clock_0 Rena
Clock_0 Rena Пре 28 дана
"FinalFantasy14 had a horrible lunch" Damn that sucks.
mgk - metal gear kelly
mgk - metal gear kelly Пре 28 дана
I've never played an MMO in my life but this guy is already one of my favourite game directors.
Sami Miettinen
Sami Miettinen Пре 28 дана
Man that translator is good at her job, I feel like she belongs in that discussion and is the 4th person
Hana Yuuki
Hana Yuuki Пре 28 дана
The part he talks about casuals aren't that vocal but he's aware of it and he wants to satisfy them too....thank you YoshiP...for noticing us....and keeping the balance by not giving in to the HC players only...
ramboRans Пре 28 дана
Watching this interview with Yoshi-P makes me want to pick up FFXIV. Aimi is doing an insanely good job with conveying tone, intention aswell as meaning DAMN! She makes this interview a blast to watch!
Gustavo S.
Gustavo S. Пре 28 дана
One thing hard to people understand its that the CASUAL players go hardcore for something they like and the HARDCORE go casual too.
Tor Jørgensen
Tor Jørgensen Пре 28 дана
Yoshida for NWO leader!
Craig Wheeler
Craig Wheeler Пре 28 дана
55:00 -- Amazing! So Asmongold does similar things to me in game! I too had a few months trapped in the Golden Saucer. By the way Asmo.... I got a rank 300 pedegree 9 bird who loves stormy weather and bad conditions. Maxed out cunning and stamina and speed. Left acceleration at zero cuz there is a skill to make up for that called "chocobo dash 3" My bird "Azure flash" is the greatest racing bird I could have bred. It also must have some retarded mind since it's inbred as hell. Even with the bird at max, I win only 40% of the rank 300 races I compete in vs. other players. I think Feather Field sometimes get my bird to 50% since it blocks the other racer's dirty tactics.
OddVoices Пре 28 дана
Wow. never thought I'd see the day. This day. Holy hell.
Sleeezy Пре 29 дана
Watching this back today brought me tears right at the beginning. Stay strong Asmon take your time bro
Epi Metal
Epi Metal Пре 29 дана
tag blizz to come, watch and learn.
Kieran Scruggs
Kieran Scruggs Пре 29 дана
why does it seem like the entire time they are throwing shade on WoW
Tan ner
Tan ner Пре месец
im laughing so hard at the fucking hair meme holy shit
SonofYevon Пре месец
Im crying ffs. So wholesome.
Joe Marmolejo
Joe Marmolejo Пре месец
One of the smoothest convos with a translator. Top notch stuff
R F Пре месец
that interpreter is literally like a goddess of language....she is not just clear and good at what she does, she does it so elegantly and full of emotions and connections, she 100% passed on Yoshi's thoughts and ideas, and she also knows games and game slangs....what an incredible lady!!!! Also a massive thanks to both streamer for bring all the newbies to ffxiv, I have been playing for a while and seeing newbies still warms my heart and whenever I see a level 15 pugilists running around trying to become a monk..I made the 'awwww' sound. The ffxiv community is also absolutely amazing, I remember I once messed up an extreme raid badly the first time I did it, and everyone was so encouraging and I was not blamed, instead everyone was so patient and sweet to me, I went from feeling totally useless to feeling I was part of the team and my fellow team member appreciate me, it is a great feeling. Now after doing that raid 100 times I am passing this positive energy onto my fellow players who also needs encouragement! Welcome to FFXIV.
Orchal Drambor
Orchal Drambor Пре месец
Respekt to the translator, they all talk for quite long before she can start to translate.
Valon Пре месец
all i see is Yoshida's ceramic daytona
sepths Пре месец
No offence for every party mentioned, but for context, Yoshi-P is 48 in this video. And then there's me in my 30s already looking like Vauthry on crack.
Alloou No U
Alloou No U Пре месец
I love the direction they've taken with this game. It doesn't feel like I'm forced to put in more time than I'd like. The content is there. I can take care of life first and then have 14 on the side. As a result, this has become my most played and all time favorite game.
D K Пре месец
this is so surreal sseing a developer talk to "you" like another gamer not some PR bullshit where they assume the consumer is stupid.....*cough* blizzard i was one of those people who thought (wrongly) FF was a furry fest full of creepy weebs. my first expirience (in short): Ok lets play a tank for the first time ever....they will probably flame me to death for not doing it right and following the wrong skillorder etc... my first dungeon: everyone waited for me to see the sequence. gave me tipps in a nice and constructive way and although i was a noob i got "mvp player" (or whats its called again) at the end. some random dude showed me arround a city, i listen to bards playing system of a down and got tipps on how to level. my friend, also f2p atm, showed me a 4 player mount/car and i was like "holy shit that was at least 50€ in shop right?" "no you can also get that even as f2p" this was just surreal in the best way possible. i really learned to love this game.
chill pilled
chill pilled Пре месец
this is fucking awesome
TheAusugn Пре месец
Yoshi is awesome!
Somebody Пре месец
As someone who can speak both languages fluently, I'm always so flabbergasted watching and hearing how good these interpreters are at their job.
Jane Trajkoski
Jane Trajkoski Пре месец
What an incredbily likable guy. You can also tell even if you don't understand a single word he says that he is passionate about the game. That he plays it and plays it hard.
Cercie Shaia
Cercie Shaia Пре месец
FF14 is successful because SE can admit when they are wrong and commit to doing better. WoW is failing because Blizzard can't.
July XC
July XC Пре месец
Haven't played ffxiv in awhile. This is some king shit, think it's time to come back
Goober Mcbooger Balls
Goober Mcbooger Balls Пре месец
"a rising tide floats all ships" I've never heard that before. Thank you :D
Darqy Пре месец
Yoshi P and Aimi The Heroes we need!
Kronniichiwa Пре месец
Wow would never do this
Gumiel Пре месец
47:24 God I love Asmond and Rich's reaction lmao
Raska The Slaanesh
Raska The Slaanesh Пре месец
Games for Gamers by Gamers every single day than Games for corporate by corporate
Scrub Five
Scrub Five Пре месец
God tier list translator.
John Doe
John Doe Пре месец
TheRestlessrogue Пре месец
Blizzard CEO: Look at my new yacht and big paycheck FFXIV CEO: hope your mother is doing well
OneArmedBandit Пре месец
As someone who has loved asmons content for years, while continuously playing FFXIV, but i also quit playing wow during Heroic Ghuun, I've always wanted him to give the game a try and see that it has a lot of things that make it worth it. This is the culmination of all my dreams seeing this video! Also, as someone who can speak a bit of japanese, this was hilarious watching Asmon bop his head and try to pay attention when Yoshida was talking.
Altoryu Пре месец
Does anyone know if anyone that interviewed Yoshida asked about any sort of expansions to the Trust system? Currently there is no sort of squadron/trust system for any of the stormblood dungeons and was curious to know if they had any plans to extend those systems to the stormblood dungeons. Mostly cause I use them to level my healers since I am terrible at those jobs >.>
VedaWarlock Пре месец
where asmon?
VedaWarlock Пре месец
@tako tako oh my fucking god. didnt know that. cant imagine
tako tako
tako tako Пре месец
His mother passed away.
Maphazar Пре месец
Sorry to hear about your mother, I lost mine this time last year. The photo I seen of you two reminded me of my mum and I. I can see she was a character and had that smile only a truly happy mum can have. My heart breaks now when I hear news like this.
Zezro Пре месец
Damn Yoshi is such a cool dude 👌
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