A Factory Flaw FLOODED my BMW X6M and Ruined It's Electronics! I Fixed it with Zip Ties!

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The E70 & E71 BMW X5 and X6 have a fatal flaw in how it's sunroof drains are run. This factory issue will cause loads of water to enter in various places in the car and compromise thousands of dollars in electronics. Here my once $90,000 BMW X6m was sold AS-IS at an auction because it had this major issue, and we sort it out and fix the problem permanently with a zip tie!

Triple Lens Scope Camera: amzn.to/30Ni8GA

My Instagram: samcracc
Email Me: SamcracAuto@gmail.com

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Samcrac Пре месец
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Scott Bryant
Scott Bryant Пре 17 дана
Are you going to sell this car?
Dean King
Dean King Пре месец
Hey Sam I just want to let you know that factory sunroof are made with a pan around them with a hose going down to Corner the car that way if the car is on an angle all the water runs down the lower hose until after years of dirt leaves and debris get clogging them they start backing up and overflowing the water drain and into the dash wiring below instead of out of the car which in turn shorts electrics out like you see in your car lot of cars got scrapped because they sit people don't want to fix stuff no more they just throw it away by and buy something new keep up the good work thanks for all your knowledge and we're here to help
Jamiee Edden
Jamiee Edden Пре месец
Where are the original wheels because I'm pretty sure those aren't they don't look rite rest of car look clean for the age tho
juan diaz
juan diaz Пре месец
I had a 2010 x5m 90k for $14500 took it to the dealer had all my injectors changed for free under the recall!
Tim Crosby
Tim Crosby Пре месец
@Samcrac how do you put full coverage insurance on your salvaged vehicles?
Luca Пре месец
Imagine spending 100k on this beemer and getting all kind of wonky electronic problems over years until the module finally completely swims and shits itself. And the worst part being that the dealer apparently cannot find the fault and this chicken farmer figures out whats wrong. Legendary steal.
Ed Syphan
Ed Syphan Пре 6 дана
This is why I will never buy a car with a flood gate ( sun roof). I know Hondas have similar problems.
Cannon Powers
Cannon Powers Пре месец
@Stylez nun I have some REIT's on apt complex's if that helps.
Stylez nun
Stylez nun Пре месец
@Cannon Powers jealous much? What do you have in your life? An apartment?
Cannon Powers
Cannon Powers Пре месец
@Stylez nun Ah the BMW snobbery, good to know it still exists.
Jeff Alessi
Jeff Alessi Пре месец
"Chicken Farmer" Not Only True & A Classic!
Aman Пре месец
Samcrac is the man that tries every type of broken car 🤣
Pop Laurentiu
Pop Laurentiu Пре месец
But isn't he like still buying all these cars by borrowing money from his Stepmom..? BTW did he get her a car yet or not ?!..
Shawn Adams
Shawn Adams Пре месец
Hey I'm interested in car if your selling it?
Lamster 66
Lamster 66 Пре месец
@Samcrac Beat me too it Sam lol
YSK Entertainment
YSK Entertainment Пре месец
@Samcrac I sell cars so I love watching his experimental genius fixes
Roger L. Ortiz
Roger L. Ortiz Пре месец
@Samcrac roll the dice!
NorCalChris707 Clips
NorCalChris707 Clips Пре месец
Pro tip. Don't use compressed air to blow out sun roof drains. They can disconnect the rubber hose from where they are seated.
Sidgy SOHO
Sidgy SOHO Пре 20 дана
I have successfully used a vacuum canister used to draw out fluids. Just use a low compressed air pressure.
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton Пре месец
That "kink" in the drain was a factory problem-not something that developed over time. I guarantee it had intermittent electrical problems from day one (at least every time it rained), but because it was under warranty, various components were replaced over and over until it reached 90k. At that point it was out of warranty, and the owner had had enough. So the dealer buckled and agreed to buy it back under lemon law because in the years the dealer was replacing parts, they never found the issue. And the dealer fudged the blue smoke issue so as not to point out that the problem was their inability to diagnose the random electrical problems which I am sure made the SUV look like a lemon to everyone involved. And to the dealer's credit, it really was a lemon because that kink came from the factory. What's amazing is how a little kink from the factory didn't just ruin the electrical system but the entire SUV. smh
firebirdude2 Пре 27 дана
What's strange is that no BMW tech ever noticed the carpet soaking wet and triggered a lightbulb in his head.....
Power to the Sheeple
Power to the Sheeple Пре месец
Most states lemon laws only require a vehicle to be in for the same repair 3 times to qualify for lemon law - even if the dealer finds nothing wrong, and each state is different. Some sates require the buy back price be 2-3 times what the vehicle is worth at the time. And dealers don't have any say to a buyback, the customer has to hire a lawyer and take the manufacturer to court. Some states are very buy-back friendly to the point that the same customer has multiple vehicles bought back by the same or multiple manufacturers. The court is who makes the decision on whether it gets bought back or not.
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton Пре месец
@OMGWTFLOL There is no way under heaven a BMW dealer (or any dealer for that matter) would ever buy back a vehicle with 90k miles because of blue smoke. They would overhaul the engine or replace it, but buy it back under lemon laws? Get outta here with that logic. Dealers are in the biz to make money, not lose it. That's why I am calling bull on the blue smoke. It was a smoke screen.
xiukn8 Пре месец
Sure that they replaced modules under carpet and never ever noticed water 🤦‍♂️
Lots of speculation in your post. Seems plausible, but my guess is that it _did_ have a blue smoke issue as well as a kinked sunroof drain.
João Py
João Py Пре месец
It would be better to use a thin wire spring around the drain hose where it has collapsed. With the zip tie it will probably bend again over time. The spring would keep it flexible, but with an exoskeleton preventing the collapse
Ve Ritas
Ve Ritas Пре месец
Angioplasty von BMW
Peter Molnar
Peter Molnar Пре месец
Or install a hard plastic bend pipe section
TᕼE ᖇEᗩᒪ ᑕIGᗩᖇ ᒍEᖴE
TᕼE ᖇEᗩᒪ ᑕIGᗩᖇ ᒍEᖴE Пре месец
That water intrusion is a factory defect worthy of a recall.
TheLifeOf Stevie
TheLifeOf Stevie Пре 4 дана
@yung tooli my dodge threw itself into park on the highway going 60 just wouldn’t continue to accelerate until I put it back in drive nothing too crazy happened… but it’s a FCA product 😆
R S Пре 10 дана
I checked the drain on mine and I found a marble
newton raymond
newton raymond Пре 19 дана
It's called character in the BM trouble U world
Tom Cartmel
Tom Cartmel Пре месец
For a recall, you have to show a pattern of failures, not just a one-off.
larry tornetta
larry tornetta Пре месец
@Remi Mattera it’s a safety concern if you can’t drive it
Rick Cox
Rick Cox Пре месец
You and Rich both have an affinity for flood cars.... glad this one didn't cost a fortune to fix!
Rick Cox
Rick Cox Пре месец
@OMGWTFLOL Tell that to the floorboard. LOL It was completely flooded.
Except this wasn't a flood car.
Jens Harbers
Jens Harbers Пре месец
@Spencer Maiers Well, I've seen a E39 so bad, every floor compartment was flooded, the spare tire place was a footbath and you could hear the water sloshing around there. The car flooded itself internally. :D
lawnside82 Пре месец
flood cars = cheap..noone else wants them... makes great content for youtube tho...
Spencer Maiers
Spencer Maiers Пре месец
I don't know if a sunroof drain counts as a flood car =) When you have the window down and you're eating Jack in the Box at 2 am and it's raining as you hand them a was of cash, is your vehicle now a flood car? 😜
Bill Kuker
Bill Kuker Пре месец
"The car randomly shifts into park because the electric seat adjustment is broken" I hate modern cars.
Tyler Пре месец
with every module being tied into the CAN network, it only takes one going on the fritz to mess up the WHOLE system. International uses multiplexed wiring with all their modules. its a TOTAL pain to diag. one wire pinched? now NO exterior lights work and the trans won't shift. been there done that.
Janne M
Janne M Пре месец
Bmw has safety feature that put gearbox to park, if you don't have seatbelt attached, reverse gear and door is open. Maybe that doesn't work properly when driver seat module is broken.
Richard Kroon
Richard Kroon Пре месец
"...randomly shifts into park because the drain line is too long"
Thijs Janssen
Thijs Janssen Пре месец
When getting different wheels, the X5M and X6M came with specific wheel set options only available to the versions with the S63 engine . They actually used a smaller center bore on the rear axle, I guess to prevent people from mounting the M wheels on the non-M version of the same car.
xiukn8 Пре месец
This is totally BS 😂 every x6 has smaller bore on the rear and bigger on the front. Thats because its just x5 which has bigger bore - 74.1mm… with widened rear with standard bmw bore - 72.5mm.
DeeZzo Пре месец
This is totally true, had to sand my wheels to fit the 20"
Samcrac Пре месец
Carbons Altered Welding
Carbons Altered Welding Пре месец
thats fucking funny as hell ngl...
Jon Munson II
Jon Munson II Пре месец
I just want to say "THANKS FOR THIS VIDEO" - my son's 2010 Mini Clubman S had a massive puddle on the driver's side floor (which was obscured by the mat) - just like in this video. The water intrusion actually fried the FRM. Anyway, thanks to your diagnostics and recording of this video, we were able to find the issue - a blocked sunroof drain. In his case, a 12" zip tie cleared the blockage, however, he may actually have a damaged drain tube as he's still getting water seepage down the pillar onto the floor. So, he'll have to go the through process of taking down the headliner, etc., to finally resolve the issue. Your video really helped as it was almost exactly the same problem! So, THANKS!
Joe C
Joe C Пре месец
Thanks Sam! I just opened up my sunroof earlier and cleaned out all the muck in the rails and away from the drain holes. Your previous episode really woke me up to this issue! 👍
Rick Howell
Rick Howell Пре месец
Congrats on this fix! Getting a deal like this with a cheap simple fix followed to completion is why I watch this channel. I would really really really like to see one 100% complete and sold for profit. Not "I just need to put new wheels" or "all it needs is the interior put back together". Take one all the way to sale ready, then sale, then summary of profit/loss. Or if not sold, updates with how it's driving, what other issues you are having, etc. Make sense?
KontoVonMir Пре месец
My dad always hated buying cars with sunroofs. More things can break, the leak issues portrayed in this video and the body flexes more. I guess he was right...
KontoVonMir Пре месец
@///AMG NaCiri Any kind of cutout in the roof skin will facilitate more flex. Nothing compared to convertibles, but the roof skin is an essential part of the body's rigidity.
///AMG NaCiri
///AMG NaCiri Пре месец
Body flexes?! Only in convertables
Ian Burton
Ian Burton Пре месец
Great series of videos. I love it when it turns out to be a simple fix that a little bit of imagination led you to.
ZBruh Пре месец
Happened to me like that. Had the main seal in trans changed and got truck back with more lights than a Christmas tree on dash. After 3 days and a few new parts, found out the shop pinched the wore harness in the bellhousing. Took taking fender well cover off lol
Inacio F. Marques (EyeOfDarnkess)
Inacio F. Marques (EyeOfDarnkess) Пре месец
Sam this was a winner. Good job mate. The blue smoke is the valves seals, big issue in those engines, but that was repaired so will have upgraded seals and very low chances of that happening again :)
Cardinal O'Flannagan (cr)
Cardinal O'Flannagan (cr) Пре месец
Really cool to see stories like this. Watching this makes you wonder how many cars/trucks just rot in a junk yard because of not thinking outside the norm. Fairly minor issues that fall through the cracks by not being detected by the book so to say.
Stobsie Пре месец
That hose has overspray on it so possibly a poor crash repair has led to the issue
kain0m Пре месец
You're right! Didn't even spot it initially...
Bri Пре месец
Pretty amazing that the dealer couldn't figure that out. Still not clear what caused the hose kink, too long? Could it be pulled through the grommet more on the other side thus shortening the hose length inside? Pretty crazy how it is so overengineered and yet it gets taken out by rainfall.
Mice InOz
Mice InOz Пре месец
I have an older X5 E53 with the standard wheels and a later E70 35D with the 20 inch wheels (because it has the factory towbar kit that makes them come with that package). What is really obvious to me is the much harsher ride in the E70 because of those big low profile tyres, which are also run flats. The E53 rides much, much better with the standard tyre size. Maybe that is why yours is so comfortable. You may find that fitting the larger low profile wheels might change the ride to be much harsher.
Kevin Barry
Kevin Barry Пре месец
@Gplus sucks big yes, and that's why they enjoy such a wonderful collective reputation
Gplus sucks big
Gplus sucks big Пре месец
Nah, every BMW driver would choose looks over comfort.
infinitydreamzz Пре месец
Big rims/low profile tyres look good, but you get less cushioning
Kevin Barry
Kevin Barry Пре месец
Run flat tires are dreadful. But they're perfect BMW, they appear to give you an advantage but they actually are a huge disadvantage
KaldekBoch Пре месец
This video series on the X6M is why most mechanics can't diagnose or fix these issues. The concept that a dodgy wire on the CANBUS can cause an entire car to wig out is just totally foreign to them, and only a diagnostics technician (who knows what they're doing) know how to find it.
Erik Di Somma
Erik Di Somma Пре месец
These are the types of videos I enjoy. Straight, legit fix on a great deal BMW. Still would appreciate an update on the cheap short-cut fix Ferraris, especially the Pega clutch 612. I assume it's not running yet and the grass is getting high around the tires, but please let us know! I want to see that thing go through the gears! Clutch replacements are an easy DIY on that car and Ferrari CF will set the PIS, wear index and run a full scan, grid pattern and DEIS for about $395. Let's get it on the road! I stand by my words: with Ferraris, the most expensive way always turns out to be the cheapest.
Garry Jacks
Garry Jacks Пре месец
Don’t just check the drains. The sunroof cassette was a really poor design that let water run down the a pillar anyway. Regardless of the drains being clogged or not. My fix on my E53 was to pull the whole sunroof cassette out and make new seals for where the cassette frame goes through the cassette bladder. 7 years of torrential Melbourne Australian storms later and the cabin is as ‘ dry as a bone”
FrankyD3692 Пре месец
Congrats man!!! Love all the videos watch them all, always such creative ways to remedy issues you come across such a great channel keep it up work 💪🏽
Taylor Lee
Taylor Lee Пре месец
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Mark Ronaldo
Mark Ronaldo Пре месец
@Hodler Wow!! I am so delighted to see a beneficiary of Lynne Ellen Rule. I thought she wasn't known. She's awesome. My wife recommended her to me after investing £10000 and he has helped us financially without even knowing since the beginning of pandemic crises.
Taylor Lee
Taylor Lee Пре месец
@Tëlë ğřam- @Siddharth_Bhanushali1 Google her name
Tëlë ğřam- @Siddharth_Bhanushali1
Tëlë ğřam- @Siddharth_Bhanushali1 Пре месец
@Taylor Lee Please do you mind sharing any means of reaching out to her easily, I'm really interested i would love to give this a try. I've been searching tirelessly for a steady means of passive income.
Hodler Пре месец
@Taylor Lee A good broker is much more than a venue to execute trades. Look for a broker that can assist you with quality research and educational materials to aid your development as an investor and help you make winning decisions in the markets.
Fire 'n' Ice
Fire 'n' Ice Пре месец
Been trying to get started but i end up loosing out. Do you have a professional broker?
helldriver85 Пре месец
Almost every BMW with sunroof has drain issues. My E61 needs good drain cleaning every year. In your case it`s not that bad - just footwell module and seat module. In E61 water goes through D pillar straight to the trunk. Water is dripping straight on the navigation and logic7 amp, then goes to the spare wheel space, where is located (depending on the specs) up to 8 different modules and around 400-500 wires which loves corrosion. It`s good to check the end of the drain pipe. They used to put wierd rubber thingies which restricts the water flow and collects dirt
Julian Doll
Julian Doll Пре месец
Same thing on the Cayenne and Tuareg (at least the ones before 2010). Passenger footwell turns into a swimming pool and drowns nav unit, car phone module, transaxle control unit, transmission control unit, and if you are lucky the seat module. Oh and a fat harness runs under the foam right there, along with a ton of ground points and splices. All because of some rubber hoses and grommits that fill the channel under the windshield or sunroof. Ask me how I know... Took a week to fully dry the carpet in summer, while having the seat, plastic panels, seat console and all of the modules out.
Weaver H Christ
Weaver H Christ Пре месец
The sunroof drains are metal pipes that run through the A pillars from the roof beside the dash and from there to the outside there are plastic/rubber hoses that push onto the pipes and exit the car, probably in the fender wells. Pretty much this setup is common to all German cars. I believe your problem is that the hose or hoses have come off of the pipes.
cawwt Пре месец
OMG!! I literally went through the same exact repair on my 2010 X5 today!!! Also tried weed string, bike brake line etc and none worked. Finally I found the bulletin of this problem for all X5, X6 models from 2007 to 2012. Mine problem was on the passenger side, slightly easier. My hose was twisted. I used a pair of long nose pillar to twist it back a bit and it sorted of worked. These damn hoses are so soft that they literally collapse on themselves on any turns. My problem started in the beginning of 2021. After a heavy rain storm carpet got moist. Some times the car throw a lot of random errors and wouldn't start. So I ended up replacing the battery thinking that it was really old anyways. The windshield was replaced not too long ago. So I thought it could be that the seal wasn't done properly. I applied some clear caulking in some areas, making the car super ugly. Then we went into California summer and not a drop of rain in 8 months. The rain came back and my problem came back. After a lot of research I ended up here today. I probably won't bother taking the seat out. Tomorrow I will hook up a blower to dry the carpets. I didn't expect that much water in the foot well tub. The foam under the carpet is super absorbant as well. So I think it will take a long time to dry up. I am almost certainly that there is a lot of water on the driver side too. I will open it up tomorrow to check. Luckily, I don't have serious electrical problems (yet). After soaking in water for so long, I wonder how the connections will hold up over time. I think it might be a nightmare waiting to happen when some connections rust and lose connectivity. We will see. This car is current pushing 160K miles. It's a great car for ski trips tho as it just plows through snow without issues. Hopefully I will get a few more years out of it. I am slowly losing confidence on these German engineers. How on Earth can this design be so stupid! And also that electric water pump will fail every 50K miles or so. The engine will leak oil from multiple places, at different times. The coolant hose from top of engine to water pump has a idiotic plastic head. Hot engine and plastic don't mix! Mine failed at probably 80K miles. A total failure sending coolant everywhere while driving and completely disable the car. The rest of the damn hose is practically new. There is after market metal head that cost about $10. Well, besides these issues, an X5 surely is a lot more fun to drive than a Lexus tho :)
999fugazi Пре месец
Great fix Sam. I think if you removed the wing and pulled the hose down through the grommet you would straighten the pipe to give a better flow
Paul Diesel
Paul Diesel Пре 4 дана
I love this video series! Great work. Love your shade tree/ blunt force approach! With all that water I was wondering if the car had a musty smell all along?
Dukefazon Пре месец
Congrats on fixing this stupid error on the BMW! I was so happy for you :D Can't wait to learn more on that new Corvette, I'm a Corvette fan since Need for Speed III.
Cole Lee
Cole Lee Пре месец
Looks like a major score! Glad you finally finished a project. Stepmom would be proud.
Nick Hannaford
Nick Hannaford Пре месец
Nice fix 👍. Along similar lines to your plan for the wheels. I had a damaged rear seat base in my Jaggggg, Picked up a complete matching interior on EBay. Fitted just the rear seat base and put the rest back on eBay and got back what I paid for it.
Nunya Business
Nunya Business Пре месец
So I've actually seen the sunroof drain tube come off at the sunroof. The owner was cramming a coat hanger in there trying to get it to drain. It drained alright, just like this BMW. Water was flowing down the A pillar trim and dripping on the headlight switches and fuse box.
Mike Craig
Mike Craig Пре месец
Electric bass guitar strings worked for me to push out the dirt. Also had similar flooding but from the sunroof gap not being tight enough and letting in too much water for the drain to handle. Another great vid...thanks
j freed
j freed Пре месец
Finally a use for bass-playing friends! … jk…
Nathanial Dupont
Nathanial Dupont Пре месец
Well done! Also I can't believe it's on those wheels. One of the repos or thefts must have resulted in slapping some base X5/6 wheels on that thing, right?
420villain Пре месец
Common thing at auctions
carl suiter
carl suiter Пре месец
I learned that sunroof drain issue first hand on my Mercedes ML. I had a O2 sensor code on bank 2 sensor 2 the connector was located under the front drivers side carpet both ground and O2connector were destroyed and I had to replace both. The dripping carpet you showed brought back unpleasant memories of removing and drying the carpet. I'm glad you got it fixed.
David Nash
David Nash Пре 17 дана
Brilliantly solved and a pleasure to watch ! I know a man who bought one of these brand new and on his hundred mile drive home suddenly felt so car sick he threw up as he drove and I'm afraid the contents of his stomach went into the air vents ! He exchanged it back to his preferred Maserati and I have NO idea whether the next owner was aware of a rotten smell or not but that would have been one for you to solve !!!!
Matt G
Matt G Пре месец
Happy Holidays - I am so glad that you got it sorted out and it wasn’t to serious. Definitely still try and return the car to stock and get rid of the aftermarket crap. Also check the BMW forums for M parts and or wheels. I am looking forward to your next project.
1_mg_1 Пре месец
Happy to see you tracked down your drain problem. My 2015 X5 had the exact same defected and flooded the driver's footwell. Fortunately I caught it before it caused any electrical problems but it took 4 days for the dealer to dry out my car and fix the kinked line.
John McKenzie
John McKenzie Пре месец
Great job, Sam!! Excelent reasoning and a little bit of luck helps too.
Rusty Branum
Rusty Branum Пре месец
Any chance to put some sort of safety drain in the floorboard to keep it from flooding in case the drain hose gets kinked again? Sounds ridiculous to have a car interior drain, but beats having flooded electronics and wet, molded carpet.
Doron C.
Doron C. Пре месец
Way to diagnose and fix this issue for low cost and your time!! Keep up the great work Samcracc
David Hutchison
David Hutchison Пре месец
2 cents for 2 zip ties, $1 000 labour to fix. Great detective work to find the issue. (Plus the $40 cost of the seat module)
Heini Falk
Heini Falk Пре месец
I was very eager to see you fix this. I have the 2012 X6 M50d and its a absolute beast. If you want to keep it just add a Carplay Box to it for the full upgrade to the latest tech on the console and you can use it as a Daily driver. I personally wont sell mine. Its a really amazing car. Well done Sam
Shane's DIY
Shane's DIY Пре 13 дана
Great bit of troubleshooting. Had a blocked drain on my son's MK6 VW GTI and it flooded the passenger floor and filled the spare tire well with about 3-4" of water during a big storm. Fortunately we caught and corrected it before causing any electrical damage. Biggest problem was damage to the headliner. Keep up the good work!
Russ Cohen
Russ Cohen Пре 3 дана
Great series of videos. Nice job. I had a 2004 BMW X3 with occasional water in the driver's side rear passenger foot well. Tree leaves clogged the sunroof drains. Again, great videos!
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer Пре месец
Great video. I would change the plastic around that center screen which looks bad. You don't want any worn parts to take focus away from a nice car.
Me MyselfandI
Me MyselfandI Пре месец
I like these kind of project videos. Keep it up Sam!
John NY area
John NY area Пре 27 дана
Sam, I stumbled upon your channel and thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice job. Then I thought about my 2003 M3 SMG that's been sitting in my garage for 6 months . I bought new in 2002. it now has 15K miles on it and now it wont go in any gear. Simply put the SMG electronic module is NG and costs about $2 to $3K to replace and from what I have read it could fail again real quick. The SMG option on the 6 speed transmission has always been a pain and is known to be a negative thing about these cars. If you drive it hard it fishes when you stop and start and you look like you don't know how to drive a stick. It seems to me that the obvious permanent solution is to convert it to a 6 speed standard car. It's worth more and would be a fun car to drive. I have looked around for someone to do the proper conversion for me in my area so that everything continues to work. IE: the cruise control, ac and backup lights etc. So far no luck! There are video's on u tube that show how some have done this. The the big ask is.... Do you or anyone reading this know anyone that could do this properly? What would you do? Just looking for some help? It's a $5k job for a knowledgeable shop or BMW aficionado. There is a shop on California that is well known for this but it's just not financially feasible since I am in New York. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks in advance for your help. John
Theodore Umland
Theodore Umland Пре месец
Had the same problem on my wifes 02 x5. Kinked on the passenger side and leaked right on the light control module. Fixed it and checked the drivers side. It was just about kinked as well. BMW used cloth tape to hold up the drain tubes. Age failed them.
Gibson Пре месец
Samcrac always gets the wrong kind of drip.
karl kirk
karl kirk Пре месец
Yea Gorara Dip From Porking Alex
Frank Fratta
Frank Fratta Пре месец
The sunroof hose could of came loose from the top and fell down the pillar causing it to kink, I'd double check the top near the sunroof
David Blanck
David Blanck Пре месец
Holy heck! Drain-O is very harsh on steel. Please rinse that area as much as you can for the next owner. Definitely stoked on how you do DIY trouble shooting though. I do like this project a lot. Change the brakes, wheels, and tires.... the car will feel 100% better. Just go aftermarket though.
Just Bchill
Just Bchill Пре месец
Sam, Great job on sorting out the issue with the X6....But can you please put a proper set of wheels and tires on it. That would complete the job completely.
potatochobit Пре месец
you need to remove the carpet COMPLETELY, drive around the car for a weeks with no carpet in the rain and make sure water is not pooling in the floor board.
shucky ducky
shucky ducky Пре 9 дана
I really like a challenge and a project though. Currently rebuilding a sl500 i found with 80k miles for $7k
shucky ducky
shucky ducky Пре 9 дана
Shoot id buy this x6
802 Garage
802 Garage Пре месец
@lawnside82 It's like his business is a RStoolss channel or something. Not a car dealership. Good thing anyone who buys one of his cars can see everything he did on his RStoolss channel.
lawnside82 Пре месец
i was thinking the same thing.. but he buys these cars just for the views.. then chucks them...he dont care.
Gil Gonzalez
Gil Gonzalez Пре месец
If the drains are functioning properly then there wont be any water intrusion period.
Philip M
Philip M Пре месец
Sunroofs are the worst. A few years back I was having issues with my E60 BMW where it was always humid inside and I started to fog up on the windshield. Turned out the drains were clogged, I lifted up the back seat and there was a pool of water under it with black mold everywhere. I got a ML63 last year that started having tons of crazy electric issues when it rained. Turned out there was tons of leaves blocking the drains and causing them to overfill. It got all into the rear SAM electronics and I had to take the whole headliner out and take apart the computers and clean all the components.
Lester Parker
Lester Parker Пре месец
@BIG J well, when fords cheapest car has a sunroof that has lasted over a decade with zero issues, what’s BMWs excuse?
BIG J Пре месец
@Lester Parker a Ford Focus isn’t anything worth bragging about..
Lester Parker
Lester Parker Пре месец
@OMGWTFLOL I do live in a sunny area, south GA, but car has never been in a garage
@Lester Parker - All sunroofs have drains and they're all susceptible to clogging. Maybe you live in a sunny area and keep your cars in the garage.
I can't stand sunroofs. When I win the lottery and order my new 991 C4S, it's going to be without a damn sunroof.
Lindsay Merritt
Lindsay Merritt Пре месец
Nicely done Sam. It’s about time you had an easy win! 😊
Dwight Voeks
Dwight Voeks Пре 28 дана
That's crazy. I'm having a similar issue with my 03' 530i. It's only got 104k on it. Runs great but lights flicker on interior, only half of the headlamps work, most interior electronics fluctuate in voltage. Hopefully I can find just a suspect module
kumaclimber Пре месец
Hey Sam just a heads up, drain cleaners can dissolve aluminum some times just something to think about
Paul Larson
Paul Larson Пре месец
A better fix might have been to find some hard plastic tubing with a 90 in it of a similar diameter to your drain your tube, cut the top half off, and then use it for a raceway to run your tube through a smooth turn.
Werries Vuren
Werries Vuren Пре месец
I'd love to see a full interior restoration. More Bmw videos please!!
Peanutbutter Jellyjam
Peanutbutter Jellyjam Пре 6 дана
I'm glad to see that things worked out with the X6M, Sam.
jimbote1968 Пре месец
for future reference blowing compressed air in the sunroof drains can create a bigger headache than you're trying to fix.
The Hoov
The Hoov Пре месец
BMW themselves couldn't work out what the problem is... But Samcrac can. Speaks volumes about both. Well done Sam!
Geo Gmz
Geo Gmz Пре месец
I honestly don't get why we get such bad luck with BMWs you get to any other country and you see all sort of BMWs running and driving around... I think it must be the amount of money shops charge to fix them.
King Jerbear
King Jerbear Пре месец
As Alex said, it all comes down to options. BMWs in Europe are often sold as stripped back versions with far less options and "luxury" and a manual transmission. Makes for a lot less modules and extra electronics floating around to eventually fail. I also think many European countries are far more strict on their inspections before they allow you to register a vehicle, meaning the cars are probably better maintained.
Alexander McKay
Alexander McKay Пре месец
Nah. It's all about marketing. BMW wants to maintain their place as a premium brand. Every car is loaded to bump up the price. Lots of fragile electronics, gizmos and gadgets. Try to buy one without a sunroof is impossible. The same with an all leather interior. In Europe there's much, much more variability and the inherent engineering of the model can come through.
purplecty740 Пре месец
Sweet fix! Sell it before it needs the common rod bearing maintenance...
Adrian Lane
Adrian Lane Пре месец
A mighty car brought to its knees by a seat controller. Occurs to me that this car (and probably many like it) have way too many single points of failure.
Larry Soreto
Larry Soreto Пре месец
Had the same sunroof drain problem in my Jetta Sportwagen TDI. My full-size spare tire was completely under water. This seems to be a general issue with all European cars. Never have I had this problem with any non-European car.
Jonathan Luce
Jonathan Luce Пре месец
Glad to see that you got your blockage sorted.
The DocMack Car Channel
The DocMack Car Channel Пре месец
Well done Sam . I used to hate BMWs but I have 2 now . Says alot about how great they drive .
Alan Here
Alan Here Пре месец
On my X5 it leaks into the rear floorboard. Ugh! But you are correct, it drives incredibly. Even better than both my E46 and E85.
Pickle Truck
Pickle Truck Пре месец
a well placed hose clamp over the kink will help it from kinking again
Saltysnow Пре месец
Sam bro i love your videos. I learned a lot from them keep doing what you do. 💯
Project Euro
Project Euro Пре месец
Suspension is also sitting super low. Guessing they’ve coded the level down or the pump isn’t running to raise the vehicle to the correct height.
Arthur Biringer
Arthur Biringer Пре месец
Great resuscitation! Hopefully my 328i won’t give me grief. Oh yeah, a left rear wheel sensor which set off most of the dash warnings.
Ryan Petty
Ryan Petty Пре 7 дана
Fantastic series. Makes me glad I sold my M5 a few years ago. Thank you.
Marko Polo
Marko Polo Пре месец
I agree with the wheels stance espicially the rear ones look odd sitting so far in the wheel arch.
bkurt Пре месец
color combo is awesome sam another great deal you are showing the world being smart can save you tens of thousands of dollars finding cheap stupid problems
reBuilt Пре месец
Years ago I had a 2008 Enclave that did the same exact thing but it would drain on right side and land on the main fuse box. It would do all kinds of weird things like it wouldn't shut off with key if it just had rained. Great work and I have a feeling this is not the only one with this problem.
chevydave Пре 8 дана
Had an 09 Acadia with the same issue
Mark Collins
Mark Collins Пре месец
Good job with drain issue, I still think it stinks the way BMW has so many crazy problems and people still keep lusting over them.
Doc DuMont
Doc DuMont Пре 20 дана
Sam, as a convertible owner since 1965, I've had my share of waterlogged vehicles. One thing I have done to avoid having to pull the carpet is after vacuuming or sopping as much of the standing water that I can, dehydration ASAP is the key. You can leave the car closed up and the A/C running on MAX Recirc, with the temp control all the way down. Saved a rent car that way in Florida one time. They never knew there had been 3 inches of water in the footwells. Left the car running for 2 days and it came out dry as a skeleton's ass. Other times, Iput a household portable dehydrator in the car, closed it up and let it run for as much as a week. I put a small pond pump in the bucket to empty it periodically, and a couple of fans to make sure the air moves around as much as possible. If you get a little musty smell, run an ozone generator in it for a couple of days. Beats the crap out of pulling the carpets, etc. Main takeaway - ASAP getting PLENTY of forced air circulation and dehydration.
shucky ducky
shucky ducky Пре 9 дана
They also sell these throw away buctets that have coal and some other absorb products in them for like 5$ at menards. Two of them and a day later no moisture. 👌
Retro Rob
Retro Rob Пре месец
Nice one, it's about time you had a easy fix 👍👌
Tim B
Tim B Пре месец
Interesting watch - my BMW X5 (E53 model from 2003) had a similar flooding problem and it was the sunroof drain with water flooding down the pilar. What a mess.
Marco not on facebook
Marco not on facebook Пре 12 дана
Well - you were on the right track at the start: moist / water getting in. And what you know: it's always the drains. Happens in cabriolets and of course sunroofs. That's why you don't want a sunroof in a car (BMW). On a cabriolet it's rather hard to avoid of course [those drain problems].
Bradley kempton
Bradley kempton Пре месец
Well done sam nice job!.. is it me or is the air suspension not working/ way to low ???
jobanski Пре месец
I knew the drain tube was kinked! That or some clog from dead leaves. Well done Sam!
dappa311 Пре месец
I've learned a lot today! Keep water out of your BMW at all cost! All that trouble for a $40 module that costed so much havoc and headache.
Milton Dejesus
Milton Dejesus Пре месец
Sam fixed the car and completed the project for once! Great job!!!
Bestwick1983 Пре месец
TPMS light is probably on because the replacement wheels dont have the sensors fitted
Alexio Catan
Alexio Catan Пре месец
He needs a special tool to reset them and needs new sensors. Tire shops have them but its better to buy them
Broadshore Пре месец
I can't believe a SIMPLE Sunroof drain can RUIN a car... Great video Sam!!!! Now I want to find one at CoPart...
S Y Пре месец
Congrats for tackling the drip issue successfully. 🌧
grand04gt Пре месец
Watch out tho because you may have solved the kink in the line but it may have a pin hole or larger in the line that may cause it to leak in the future. Shocking that the vehicle would be considered mechanically totalled from a kinked drain line
Reinhardt Пре месец
Id rather shorten the rubber hose than making a hole and zip tie everything
S Rowlands
S Rowlands Пре месец
Nice to see you finally getting a project finished Sam 👍👍
Mark Conley
Mark Conley Пре месец
If you could get to the right motor, you could unplug it and apply power and ground manually. Never mind, I saw your solution. 👍🏻😃
Robert Tinsey - VRS Satellite Racing
Robert Tinsey - VRS Satellite Racing Пре месец
Super satisfying fix. I have a similar issue with my wife's Infiniti JX35 that has a can bus error between the two seat belt pre tensioners so the air bag light stays on. Dealership wants 5.3k to fix. Car is worth 11k so I guess we will just live with it. Water got in similar to this car but on passenger side. Clogged sunroof drain caused lots of corrosion.
Patrick's Carventures
Patrick's Carventures Пре месец
Really wish I watched your videos more in the past. We had a 750i that had a bad engine and I didn't think of buying the carly. We ended up just dumping it since we couldn't fix it after getting the replacement engine a year prior.
Alfred Wedmore
Alfred Wedmore Пре месец
You need to get sodium fluorescein for leak tracing. Add a tiny amount to water and it fluoresces yellow with a blue or UV illuminator, it's unmistakeable and you can often see exactly where a drip is entering a body of water. A small quantity lasts a lifetime. Also, hire a power dehumidifier. These things work and work well. Once the standing water is gone they dry everything out fast. Boat owners use them all the time.
J Branche
J Branche Пре месец
Another mechanical adventure by Samcrac. The mystery issue was beyond BMW techs skill but not Samcrac who is able to work through different levels of troubleshooting while trying to Keep It Simple first approach to impress us once again. I think we all learn and share a lot because of the cost and complexities of today's cars.
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